About Frank Scotto

Frank Scotto has spent much of his life dedicated to his community and country.

He was born in Riverside in 1948.  His family moved to San Pedro and finally to Torrance where Frank grew up attending St. Margaret Mary Catholic School and Fermin Lausen High School.  Frank continued his education and graduated from El Camino College in 1969 and briefly attended California State University, Long Beach, where he studied business.  His education was interrupted when he was drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War.

During Frank’s military service in the Army, he worked with the Pentagon to plan troop movements and deployments throughout the world.  Frank was honorably discharged at the rank of Sergeant after eighteen months.  Frank is proud and humbled to have served his country.  He values his service and commitment to the Army.

Frank returned to civilian life and in 1974, he owned his first gas station, and one year later he started a company called, Frank Scotto Towing.  Frank Scotto Towing began with one tow truck and a vision to serve the community.  It grew into a small business that provided emergency assistance for hundreds of motorists through the Freeway Service Patrol, California Highway Patrol and the Automobile Club of Southern California as well as numerous other towing clubs.  Under Frank’s leadership, Frank Scotto Towing employed over seventy employees and earned accolades as a premier community service in the field.

Frank continued his dedication to his community by serving as a commissioner on the Torrance Civil Service Commission in 1997.  This position launched an eighteen-year commitment to the City of Torrance, including being elected to the City Council in 2000 and serving as Mayor Pro-tem.  In 2006 and again in 2010, Frank was elected Mayor of Torrance.  During this time, Frank worked to make the City of Torrance a desirable destination to live and work.  His focus for the city was to provide more opportunities for youth and give emphasis to environmental protections such as the installation of storm drain grates.  Under his leadership, the City of Torrance planted over one thousand trees, emphasizing his commitment to bolstering future generations.

Again, Frank’s vision to serve the community was exercised by specializing in several committees during his service to the City of Torrance.  Such committees included: Transportation, Veterans, Finance and Governmental Operations, and Youth Task Force.   His commitment was exemplified by his diligence to not only serving these committees, but by researching and knowing the services being provided to the public.  Frank worked and advocated to make proposed projects in Torrance a reality by upgrading the Torrance Public Library, help create the first animal control department in Torrance, develop several pocket parks such as the Seaside Heroes Park, and campaigning for the Toyota Sports Complex, a state of the art facility that supports youth sports. A very gratifying accomplishment while as Mayor was to develop Students and Government Day which gave the opportunity for 8th grade students to experience local Government life for a day.

As Councilman and Mayor Frank worked to help veterans in many ways.  As Councilman he was instrumental in the building of the Veterans Memorial.  He made sure that the Armed Forces Day Parade was a priority in the City.  As Mayor he created the “Hometown Heroes” banner program which honors veterans and established the first veterans’ job fair.  To honor 3 young heroes who had fallen in service, he built Seaside Heroes Park.

Frank’s involvement with the City of Torrance is not limited to his time as an elected official.  He was on the Board of Directors of the South Bay Police and Fire Memorial for twenty years and a founding member and the first chairperson of the Torrance Police Foundation.  He is currently involved in various non-profit organizations such as The Arts Council of Torrance, Torrance Sister City Association, The Torrance Rose Float Association, and the Chambers of Commerce of Torrance, Redondo Beach, and Lomita.

Frank has been awarded several accolades including: the Member of the Year Award from the Lomita-Torrance Rotary Club, the Civilian Achievement Award from the Redondo Beach Police Department, the Honorary Service Award from the Torrance Parent-Teacher Association and the Jared Sidney Torrance Award from the City of Torrance.Frank still lives in Torrance with his wife of nearly fifty years, Cindy.  His vision of a Torrance being a desirable destination has been fulfilled with his two children and five grandchildren.  He values these honors to be evidence of his life committed to his community and country.