I was raised in Torrance and have called it home for the last 60 years.

I was raised in Torrance and have called it home for the last 60 years. I went to school, raised my family, and attended college all in this community. I know how important it is to keep Torrance the perfect place to live and work. I want to give all of our families the chance to enjoy a wonderful place like this.

My commitment to public service really began at the age of 18 when I was drafted into the US Army for the War in Vietnam. That Vietnam era generation shaped our country in many ways. I know that and I see that.

Today however, the South Bay of Los Angeles County isn’t seeing the returns and opportunities it should. Daily, we are facing higher costs in things like gasoline, food, housing and a constant threat from Sacramento politicians who want to make life more difficult and restrictive. These politicians who say they are on our side, keep raising taxes, making new expansive laws and force small businesses from California.

That is why we need common sense reforms of state government. I am running to represent us in the State Assembly because I believe that I can work to keep our community safe, improve our environment, and come to the table to find solutions for issues that affect us where it matters, at home. I am committed to standing up to special interests who don’t share our values and fighting to keep keeping costs low for families.

The work ethic that helped me as a small business owner, the experiences I gained during my time as Mayor of Torrance, as well as being a husband and father will guide my service in the Legislature.

I want to ensure that the next generation is afforded all of the opportunities I was given. I hope you will join me in my efforts to reform the State of California.


Frank Scotto

In the face of a fire, first responders work long hours, in stressful conditions, often without seeing their family for days at at time. Despite this, many police officers up north took the time to save animals in the local shelter. #thankyou #publicsafety

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Frank Scotto understands the voice of his constituents and his neighbors. I have known Frank for 35 years, and he has proven time and time again to be a hard-working small business owner who is dedicated to his community.
Heidi Ann AshcraftTorrance City Councilwomen

Scotto Earns Endorsement of California Tow Truck Association

TORRANCE, CA– In his bid for State Assembly, local businessman and former Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto announced securing the endorsement of the California Tow Truck Association (CTTA). “As a former owner, Frank knows the struggles that our industry faces in California,” stated CTTA President Terry Warford. “Scotto has not only proven himself to be a successful…

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Former California Gubernatorial Nominee, Bill Simon, Endorses Frank Scotto

TORRANCE, CA– Former Gubernatorial Nominee, Bill Simon has endorsed Frank Scotto in his race for the 66th Assembly District. Simon, who ran as the Republican nominee in 2002, lives in Southern California and teaches at UCLA in the economics department.  “Frank Scotto is truly the leader that the South Bay is lacking, his experience as a…

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Frank Scotto Endorsed by California Parks & Recreation Society

TORRANCE, CA–  Former Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto received the endorsement of the California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS), in his race to become the next State Assembly Member from District 66. “Frank Scotto has an influential voice on issues related to water, parks, and other natural resources. He has advocated for the beautification of our neighborhoods…

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Muratsuchi, Scotto, move on to November

  Democratic State Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi and former Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto will continue on to November’s General Election in their race to represent the South Bay in California’s 66th Assembly District, following Tuesday’s California Primary Election. Muratsuchi, the incumbent, emerged as the top vote-getter, receiving 29,934 votes for 49.04 percent of ballots. Scotto trailed…

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