Our communitys beaches, parks and open spaces are critical resources that enhance our quality of life. It is our responsibility to protect these natural resources and preserve environmental quality for the next generation.

As Mayor, I always worked diligently to enact strong environmental protections in Torrance. We worked to prevent ocean pollution by maintaining the only stormwater retention system in the South Bay, created new wetland habitat, banned smoking beaches, and started the successful Torrance beach cleanups. I was proud to see our beaches and coastlines, the South Bay’s most critical natural environment, thrive because of our collaborative focus on environmental protection.

Our work to protect the environment didn’t stop at the Coast. As Mayor, I helped protect air quality and reduce carbon emissions by starting the electric vehicle charging program and helping businesses plant over 1,000 new trees. These are all substantial steps forward in protecting the environment for our kids and grandkids.

Too often, Sacramento politicians like Al Muratsuchi take a heavy-handed, partisan approach to the environment that ignores the needs of local communities and favors powerful special interests and lobbies. This is the wrong way forward. If we want to truly protect the environment for the next generation, we need consensus and coalition building.

In Torrance, we proved that the best way to reduce emissions and protect the environment is bringing people together to find solutions that work for everyone. I will take that collaborative approach we used in Torrance to Sacramento, and work towards state policy that protects the environment for all Californians.