Local Control

As a previous Councilman and Mayor, I know the effectiveness of local government.

City officials are uniquely integrated in their communities and are responsive to the dynamic needs their constituents present. State representatives should embrace this knowledge and support the communities within their district by partnering with them.

Sadly, Sacramento has vastly different views on this matter. They are removing local official’s ability to represent their constituents by consolidating their own authority in the state capitol.

Discussions in Sacramento are underway on legislation that would remove a community’s ability to contribute and express ideas on new residential projects. It would instead force cities to accept the plans Sacramento bureaucrats issue. In an area like the South Bay, this would be disastrous. The state already has begun to limit local governments’ ability to make land-use decisions and limit how they regulate certain types of businesses. These decisions should be made at the local level, not in Sacramento. Government is run best when it can be held accountable by its citizens. It’s vastly important for California to prioritize local control again.