Public Safety

For years California’s crime rates were declining, until a disastrous set of new laws were enacted.

It began in 2011 with “Realignment” which transferred thousands of felons from state prisons into community jails. This produced overcrowding and the early release of up 80,000 criminals back onto the streets. Then came Proposition 47 which reduced penalties for a number of serious crimes. It made grand theft, commercial burglary, and drug possession,misdemeanors. This law also took away a key tool for law enforcement by severely limiting the use of DNA evidence in the prosecution of serious crimes like murder and sexual assault. The latest hit to public safety comes from Proposition 57 which will shorten sentences for criminals who have committed extremely serious crimes.

Unfortunately, Sacramento’s nonsensical public safety laws don’t stop here. The state legislature has focused a lot of its energy on regulating your 2nd amendment right as a law-abiding citizen, but just last year they reduced the penalty for someone using a gun while committing a crime. In this same vein they also built a wall between state and federal law enforcement officials through its sanctuary state law.

Crime is increasing in Los Angeles County—there has been an 8% rise in violent crime since these laws went into effect. Sacramento needs to remember that protecting the public should always be our top priority. We need a representative who will stand up for safer communities, not the extremist views that threaten them.