Sacramento politicians claim there isn’t enough money to fix our crumbling roads, make housing affordable, or fix the state’s broken education system.

They consistently advertise their need for more and more tax revenue. We already have the highest income, sales, and gas tax. We’ve been taxed so much California has a $6.1 billion budget surplus, but the government coffers are insatiable.

In 2017 alone, over $6 billion in new taxes were slapped onto hard working middle class families. Including a large hike on gasoline and car registration fees, according to some estimates these new taxes will cost a family up to $700 per year. Adding insult to injury, virtually none of this money will go to expanding freeways or reducing traffic. Commuters face a steep tax increase without any relief on their commute times.

My opponent Al Muratsuchi voted for these new taxes. If he had not been in office, they likely would not have passed. Unfortunately, the new taxes don’t stop here. There are proposals being brought forward to create a government-run single payer healthcare system. Employers could be looking at a 15% payroll tax which will reduce wages for workers. Additionally, there are efforts to remove Prop 13 protections from commercial property. These are uncertain times for taxpayers in California.

The effects of our state’s burdensome taxation has led many friends, family members, and neighbors to leave California. If Democrats continue to hold a supermajority in the state legislature, they will persist in raising taxes and making our state completely unaffordable. That is why this race for State Assembly is so important to the South Bay.